Shower Luxuries

shower-luxurieswMost of us don’t have the time to take a luxurious bath anymore. Getting ready for the day generally involves a quick hop in the shower. But what if your shower could give you the same luxurious feeling that you used to get in a tub? This shower comes close. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

First, let’s just consider how it looks. With oil-rubbed bronze bath hardware and luxury tile walls, it’s hard to believe that you’re not in a spa or high-end resort. Notice the metallic tile trim along the bottom third of the shower – unusual and intriguing – not your standard bathroom fare.

Next, take a look at the size of this shower. It’s definitely big enough for two if you want to share, or if you need to share if you both need to get ready for work at the same time. Although even by yourself  it’s nice to have plenty of space and both wall-mounted and hand-held shower-heads. You won’t find yourself bumping into walls getting through a shower here.

Having a step-in shower is particularly nice also. This works well for aging in place. As you get older it’s great not to have to step high to get into a shower/tub combo. And the extra space just outside the enclosure is the perfect spot to grab your towel and dry off.

Lots of natural light also gives this bathroom a spa-like feel. With the windows set high, you get both light and privacy.

How would you like to have this luxurious shower for your own, to step into every morning? Check it out in person at Cooley Station.