Metallic Backsplash Adds Style

metallic-backsplash-adds-stylewBathrooms are by their very nature small. This can make them somewhat of a throwaway room when it comes to both design and decorating. But if you’re smart, a bathroom is the best place to splurge since it doesn’t take much square footage, or dollars, to make a big splash. Let’s take a close look at this bath vanity and see how smart design and décor makes a difference.

Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures: There’s something about oil-rubbed bronze that draws the eye. Maybe because we all grew up with classic chrome, seeing this look captures attention. It feels old-style without being too traditional. It also works well with granite like the choice shown here. The brown and gold really suits the soft dark tones of the bronze fixture.

Granite with personality: When you have a limited amount of counter space, choosing granite with a lot of contrast and veining really works. In this bathroom, the countertop adds drama and suits the simple white sink.

Metallic tile backsplash: This metallic is not the same finish as the faucet, but the dark tones help them set each other off when seen together. When the space is limited, choosing a tile with this much texture and a metallic finish means that it won’t be ignored by guests.

Framed mirror: The ultimate finishing touch is a framed mirror. Instead of a simple mounted wall mirror, the frame creates the feeling of completion that makes this bathroom something special.

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