Building Intimacy in an Open Design

Ironwood Crossing

Ironwood Crossing

An open floor plan has much to recommend it. Everyone can be involved in different areas of the main living space yet still connect and communicate. And the open style makes a home feel more spacious and welcoming. Open living areas are also ideal for parties and family gatherings.

Given all of this, there are still times when your goal may be to create a cozier, more contained atmosphere. You can have that feeling within an open floorplan if you develop it as part of your overall design. Here are a few steps to help you create that intimate corner in your home.

Define the space: In this case, the rug provides the starting point. Its position just under the furniture makes it clear that this is a conversation grouping.

Use furniture to focus inward: The sectional sofa faces into the room, but the chair to the right and the two ottomans are positioned to focus people toward the middle of the space rather than outwards. Smart choices such as using two ottomans on the outside of the square maintain a sense of separation without completely cutting the space off.

Connect with color: Ottomans and throw pillows bring in maroon tones. Three throw pillows draw the eye with a matching pattern. The artwork brings the brown up onto the wall while still providing some colors that coordinate with the rest of the space.

This space is perfect for those quiet times when a party is winding down, or your family relaxes before dinner or bedtime. Consider finding an intimate corner of your open floor plan to bring cozy in.