Create a Space to Learn

Marquesas-Ironwood--reading-nook-webIf you want your children to grow up to be good readers and students, there are choices you can make in your home décor to help support that goal. This corner in the Marquesas model from Ironwood Crossing demonstrates some important elements to consider.

A place for books: Plan for bookshelves in your home. You can have some built-in or select a piece of furniture such as this white shelf that provides plenty of space for books and yet still has its own style.  Don’t worry if you can’t fill them up right away. Just add accessories so that your book collection has room to grow.

A comfy chair: The upholstered chair and ottoman set to the left in the photo provides the perfect place to curl up with a book. Remember to include opportunities in terms of both time and space for reading.

A workable desk: Look for a desk with at least one drawer for supplies and a place for papers and files. Notice the three-tier storage container on this desk. It has a charming look and provides easy access to paper clips and other items your children might need to complete their homework.

Good lighting: The drop-down light fixture over the desk provides crisp task lighting for any project. Consider adding a good floor lamp behind that comfy chair too so that reading is easy in the evening.

A fan: sometimes having the air move around can keep a tired student more alert while studying. Good ventilation with a fan makes the area feel livelier when someone is focused and working.

Thoughtful design: Above all, make the reading and homework area charming and coordinated rather than an afterthought of leftover pieces. This effort shows your child or children that their time spent reading or doing homework is important, just as they are.