Food for a Good New Year

Bowl of Noodles with ChopsticksAlmost every country and culture focuses on special foods to bring good luck as the New Year starts. In the United States, a favorite southern staple is black-eyed peas due to their abundance, made into a dish known as Hoppin’ John.

Long noodles are a common choice in Asian countries and cultures, representing a long life. It is important not to cut or break the noodles to ensure the longest life possible.

MP900405246Fish is a popular choice in China since the Chinese word for fish resembles the word for abundance. Note that the fish should be served whole – head and tail included – to make sure the year is a good one from beginning to end.

Leafy greens such as kale, mustard and collard greens are consumed in Europe because they resemble paper money. The story is the more you eat the more cash will come to be in the next year. Lentils are eaten in Italy and Hungary because their shape and green color resembles money. They also get plumper when you add water, signifying growing wealthier.

MP900382807In Turkey, pomegranates are consumed for good luck. Prosperity comes from the many round seeds, the red color stands for life and they also represent good health.

Other round fruits such as oranges or grapes are often eaten at the start of the new year, with the tradition of consuming either twelve of them for the twelve months of the year. In the Philippines you need to eat thirteen fruits for good luck. Cakes – particularly those that are round or shaped like rings are also a common good luck food – sometimes with a coin baked into the cake to give luck to one recipient during the coming year.

Whatever tradition you follow, here at Fulton Homes we hope you have a happy and healthy 2015!