Proud to Own

HRM0484Owning a home has always played a big role in the dreams of most Americans. At Fulton Homes we want to help that happen, but we want more for our homeowners. We want to create neighborhoods and communities that last for generations.

What would the home of your dreams look like? How about a kitchen filled with cabinets that are as functional as they are stylish? Would you like granite countertops and a kitchen island with seats that are perfect for a quick breakfast or snack? Well-built cabinetry and granite countertops are standard in Fulton Homes.

Would a home office be useful? Does an open floorplan appeal to you? If you’re still looking for ideas to help create your dream home, we invite you to visit our models. We’re proud of the variety and flexibility our homes offer you.

How about visiting the Fulton Design Center during one of our open browse nights, scheduled the first and third Thursday evenings of every month? You’ll enjoy exploring all of the options available to create a home built just for you.

At Fulton Homes we want to help you find the home that you dream about. Because our primary goal is to work with you to create and build a home you can be proud to own.