What a Dad Does

9609167_SWhen you’re barely old enough to remember, a father swings you high into the air – almost too high but while it’s scary it’s also amazing. You see the world from on high for just a minute before safely landing on the ground, and you reach your hands up and say, “More.”

Wrestling, running, jumping – dad plays harder than anyone else. As the evening goes into night games of tag and races across the yard are more exciting because the biggest boy of all joins in – dad.

At parties, your father is the first person who ever asks you to dance. Feet in your dress shoes stand on his as he slowly turns you around the floor to the music and you are the happiest child in the room.

20387713_SRiding a bike is hard, but it’s easier with your dad right there, holding the seat, talking you through how everything works, picking you and your bike up when you fall, and telling you to go faster and faster until you realize that he’s no longer behind you and you are riding your bike all by yourself.

For every milestone, dad is there. Cheering you on at little league, helping you learn how to throw and catch a ball or kick a goal in soccer. Clapping at every school play, recital and concert. Telling you that you were wonderful and nobody noticed when you forgot a line.

There are the tough days too, when he has to let you know that what you did was wrong and help you find a way to fix it.

Every kid needs a dad. But don’t limit your thinking. So many people in your life can be a dad for you, including uncles, family friends and even moms. It’s about knowing that whatever happens, your dad or dads will have your back. And that’s what Father’s Day is all about: thanking all the dads in your life. Be sure you do.