Master Bath Offers Flexibility

Master Bath Vanity DSC_0319 his and hersMore than any room in your home, your bathroom is a place that has to feel totally yours. It’s the first place we enter upon getting up in the morning and the last place we visit before going to bed.

We use it to make ourselves presentable to the outside world, handle our personal hygiene, and breathe a sigh of relief when the day’s work is done and it’s time for sleep.

Because of this, personal preferences are profoundly important, and a well-designed master bath takes into account the varying needs of its owners.

Take a look at the master bath design for the Fulton Homes Cascade model. Flexibility, space and comfort are built into every aspect.

Vanity design: Two sinks allows each user his or her space for positioning personal tastes in soap, toothpaste and other items. The generous cupboard under each sink allows plenty of space to indulge in favorite creams and lotions. For make-up application, the center section is set lower to allow for sitting and includes a drawer to hold beauty supplies.

Master BathDSC_0318Shower and tub: Do you prefer to lounge in a tub at the end of the day while your spouse would rather take a quick shower? This shower/bath combo provides plenty of space for either preference.

Space: Above all, this master bath is generous in the space allotted – allowing two people to use it simultaneously without feeling crowded or limited.

Design: This is not a minimalist space. The lovely fixtures and cabinetry combine with the tile floor to create an inviting escape from the challenges of the day, so that for a few minutes at least you can feel indulged and even a bit spoiled in your own home.