Healthful Summer Snacks

13142752_SWith summer coming, active children need good food to fuel their days. You can help direct them to healthy choices by making it easy to select the foods that are best for them. Here are a few ways to deliver healthful foods to your family.

Make it easy to eat well: Just the effort of washing and cutting up fruit and veggies can discourage your children from choosing those options. If you have pre-washed fruit cut in easy sizes to grab, and pre-chopped veggies next to a tasty dip – maybe made with ranch dressing mix and Greek yogurt – your children will be more likely to reach for the good stuff.

Make the junk hard-to-get or unavailable: You choose what goes in your shopping cart, so you control what options your kids have when it comes to food. If you know that bags of cookies last only hours in your house, just don’t buy them. Choose flavorful but more healthful options such as fruit-flavored frozen yogurt or cheese and crackers. Buy smaller containers of sweets, or distribute a limited amount yourself as part of a complete snack or dessert after a meal.

Consider smoothie: Kids love the cold and taste of fruit smoothies. You don’t need any fancy equipment to whip up a partially-frozen treat. Put some of the fruit in the freezer to keep things icy, and then blend in a standard blender. Frozen berries are often less expensive and more convenient than fresh and they taste just as good when added to the mix. Include some yogurt, almond or coconut milk, a banana and a few ice cubes to favorite fruits to make a drink that’s tasty and healthful.

Make your kitchen a great source for healthful food all summer. It will be good for them and for you too!