Planning your Holiday Shopping

16854718_SIf you are one of those people who already finished your holiday shopping, then this blog is not for you. However, if you still have the bulk of it to finish, here are a few suggestions to help you get through the next few weeks.

Set a budget first. It’s tempting to go shopping and be casual about your spending, but by going over your planned spending amount for even a few gifts, you can end up with a larger bill at the end of the holiday than you expect.

Make a list, check it twice. Did you get Uncle Fred a pair of slippers last year? Have you picked up something for every niece and nephew? Track your gift buying so you know how much you have left to do this year.

Wrap as you go. Piles of unwrapped holiday gifts look like clutter in your home. Wrap them and you have a bunch of holiday decorations instead. If you have a tree, set them underneath. If not, choose a side table or corner as the present destination. Your life will also be easier if you don’t have a lot of gifts to wrap at the last minute.

Look for re-gift opportunities. That set of bath salts from Aunt Sophie that you have no use for may be perfect for your friend who loves baths. Re-gifting is fine as long as the gift is something the receiver would like to have.

Have fun. Don’t let the stress of the holiday stop you from enjoying the process. Take time to listen to the holiday music and admire the decorations. Pick gift wrap that you like so wrapping is a pleasure. Take a break and grab a hot chocolate. Yes, you may have a lot to do, but take a few moments to make this year’s holiday shopping special for you.