Gifts Teachers Love to Get

21460063_SThe old traditional teacher present of an apple has changed to bath salts, cute sayings on mugs and t-shirts and various handmade gifts suggested on Pinterest that may or may not be welcome. The following suggestions are as easy, or easier, than the gifts mentioned above, but these offerings will be truly appreciated.

School supplies: Teachers spend thousands of dollars a year on their own school supplies. From paper to books and prizes, budget-strapped schools lag behind what’s needed, and many good teachers make up the difference out of their own pockets. The easiest and nicest approach to this is to pick up a gift certificate to an office supply store or local teacher supply store.

If you want something more personalized, how about adding a set of education-geared stamps or stickers? Primary teachers in particular know the power of recognition, and a new selection of some of the inventive options that have replaced gold stars would be a fun gift for a teacher to receive.

An experience: Many teachers are on tight budgets, so how about providing gift certificates to a movie or a chance to dine out at a nice restaurant? Warehouse stores sell an inviting assortment of choices. You might ask your child if the teacher has mentioned an interest in movies or something else such as golf or the theater. Be sure whatever you buy is open-ended enough to fit with any schedule. If you make a choice at a warehouse store, some of them are generous with returns if you choose something the teacher is not interested in attending.

Your help: Field trips, in-class events, fund-raisers and other activities often benefit from parent volunteers. Offer to help with a project and be sure to tell the teacher your involvement is because of their hard work and commitment to the classroom.

Recognition: Everyone likes a pat on the back, and teachers are certainly no exception. Repeat any complimentary words your child has said about the teacher to the teacher and his or her principal. A nice letter to the teacher – copied to the principal – talking about the teacher’s exceptional performance will be appreciated much more than anything you can buy. And remember that you can nominate a teacher for the Fulton Homes Teacher of the Week Award.

Oh – you can also include an apple.