Design around your Dreams

7889516_SFor most people, moving into a new home is a dream come true. You can extend that feeling by decorating your new home with your dreams in mind.

Sometimes linking to your dreams may mean taking chances with some vivid colors. Do you secretly wish for a gypsy life? How about using rich reds, yellows, oranges and purples to create the impression of a caravan in a bedroom or bathroom?

Dream about traveling? Visit import stores to discover treasures from other parts of the world, and make your family room a reflection of your aspirations. Maps, photos from different countries, and any souvenirs can create a space designed for you to make travel plans.

If you want to set up a more positive attitude, consider adding meaningful quotes and phrases to your décor. This could be a small framed message next to your bathroom mirror reminding you to think positive when you start every day, or a special quote painted or stenciled on a wall. Check the Internet for sources of familiar phrases, or order a custom sentence that has special meaning for you. You can specify type style, size and even color for a minimal price.

As you plan your space, be sure to leave room for dreaming. This may mean extra bookshelves to hold new books or tools, a great space for relaxing and visualizing where you want to go in the future, or lovely things and words to remind you of those things you most value about yourself and your life.

Decorating is about more than making a space look nice. It’s about making the space ready for who you are today and who you dream of being in the future.