China Cabinet Provides Great Home Office Storage

A home office that’s visible from other places in a home, particularly one like this one in the Fulton Homes La Quinta model at the Oasis at Freeman Farms community, needs to look like residential space. Metal file drawers and other evidence of a working space don’t suit most homes.

One smart solution for home office storage comes from the dining room – with a full-size china cabinet. If you choose one like this piece in the photo, the glass distracts from the office supplies within the cabinet, and it looks elegant and appealing in this room.

A china cabinet can hold files, paper and office supplies, as well as current projects. Combined with the simple desk and leather chair, the space feels more like a study than an office. Add a laptop that can be put away when you’re finished, and you have a fully functioning office that still works well in this residential environment.

With the help of a wireless router, peripherals such as printers can be located in another room with every computer in the house able to access them. The laundry-room countertop provides a great location for central access – out of the way yet convenient.

Be sure to decorate your home office with the same care you use in the rest of your home. Placing a floor lamp in the room allows you to work with softer lighting than a ceiling fixture. Art and accessories finish this space and connect it with the rest of the house. Window coverings should be selected to minimize glare on your computer screen.

With just a little thought and effort, you can have a home office that is functional and still suits your home’s style.


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