Layering Neutrals in Decor

Neutrals are the workhorse colors in the home. If neutrals were a food, they would be chicken, the versatile meat that can work with a thousand combinations and is liked by nearly everyone. Builders favor neutral walls, tiles and flooring for new construction for a reason. The right neutrals can work with so many colors as well as be layered together to create interesting design.


To create an interesting room design solely in neutrals requires some creativity. Decorating entirely in one neutral can create a flat feeling design. Laying neutral colors with pattern, texture and form on the other hand will make for a stylish and interesting room.


This picture is a good example of layering neutrals. The sofa and carpeting are both soft neutrals in the beige and tan family.  There is a slight variation in color between the carpet and sofa, but nothing too drastic. The lighter carpet has a nice shag texture that nicely contrasts with the smooth upholstery of the sofa, creating visual interest.


The beige sofa is paired with a pattern throw pillow. Pillows are a great place to add pattern and texture and if you choose, color. This pillow adds pattern and two additional colors in addition to the taupe. Camel and grey are both neutrals but add richness to the tan of the sofa and the beige of the carpet.  The throw picks up on the camel color and adds a larger swath of color to the group.  The textures of the pillow and throw also add another level of style to the overall design.