Keeping Wood Floors Beautiful

Wood floors are one of the most popular choices for flooring in the home. Today’s new home construction often boasts of hardwood floors and wood floors which are highlights of older homes and remodels. Wood floors are durable and add a natural beauty to the home. The array of choices of wood, plank size and finish means it is easy to find a wood floor to suit your home’s architecture as well as your décor style.


All these wood floors need basic upkeep to keep them looking beautiful. New wood floors and floors in good condition can be swept and gently mopped to keep them clean. Wood floors should not be soaked in water and any puddles should be promptly wiped up. Harsh chemicals are not good for the finish on wood floors. Gentle cleaners are the best choice. There are cleaning products designed especially for wood floors. If you have a question about cleaning products, you can ask your flooring retailer for suggested products and cleaning methods.


If your wood floors are not in good condition with a peeling or flaking finish, stains or marks, it may be time to have them refinished. Refinishing involves sanding and reapplying a top coat, typically polyurethane. The color of the wood can be changed with stain. Often light scratches can be buffed out before the top coat is applied. Stained boards or boards that are in very poor shape can be individually removed and replaced with the same type of wood and stained to match. Ask your flooring professional for advice on the best way to handle worn or damaged wood flooring.