Urban Chic Design

Urban Chic – it sounds so cool, doesn’t it? What is Urban Chic and what kind of lifestyle is it geared for?

Urban Chic is for those of us who hate clutter. We want a cool, streamlined, uncomplicated and unfussy kind of décor. While, we want our homes to look like this we may not actually live that way. Urban Chic Décor utilizes lots of storage and organizational pieces so that your counter tops, kitchen table and living spaces can look as though there is never a stray piece of paper laying around or a pile of bills that you meant to get to. If you hate low tech, high maintenance and kitschy knick-knacks than Urban Chic is for you.

Urban Chic originated during the Bauhaus art movement of the 1920’s and has also been called Contemporary. Its heritage can be traced to the 1930’s German and Scandinavian design schools. The look is a unique combination of industrial masculinity and refined elegance.


Urban Chic involves simple surfaces, clean colors and geometric shapes. The look is linear, pared down and polished.  It balances form, shape, color and texture – texture from rough and smooth to glossy and matte. Think glass mosaic tiles, dark wood, stainless and lots of black and white.

Bring the Urban Chic out in YOU!