Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Redoing your kitchen? Have some questions? We’ve got some answers!

Do Kitchen appliances always come in standard sizes?

Answer: Yes, 98% of the time, but to ensure there are no surprises refer to manufacturer installation specifications for required openings and cutout sizes.

I want to be really green with my new kitchen, what are the most energy efficient appliances on the market?

Answer: Appliances, which have been labeled and endorsed as “Energy Star” products.

What type of paint is the best for kitchen walls?

Answer: Make sure to use good quality paint. If you foresee a need to scrub the walls, (and who doesn’t scrub their kitchen walls?), an eggshell paint should be used. Semi gloss paint can also be used, but it shows more imperfections in the walls than an eggshell paint. Eggshell will usually be sufficient for kitchen needs.

Is there a major difference in the material and the cost of solid surface countertops?

Answer: There are differences in the formulation of the materials and their compositions. Some solid surfaces are 100% man-made and some are blended with natural quartz and stones. Prices vary but are pretty consistent and typically include installation. Once you select the countertop material which complements the design and style of your kitchen, be sure to ask about maintenance and warranty of the product.

What is the most durable kitchen sink?

Answer: An 18 gauge stainless steel sink is going to be the most durable. Cast iron sinks that seem very sturdy can chip.

More questions? Just ask!