Sports Without Spills

Come the weekend, or on Monday night, does your living room or family room become a center for the sports enthusiasts in your family?

Whether your team wins or loses, you can be a winner after the party if you plan ahead to keep your floors clean under the onslaught of snacks and beverages that are part of watching a game.

If you’re ready to replace your flooring or planning for a new home, take the potential for parties in your home into account. When you plan the position of a large flat screen, think about choosing flooring that can handle the challenges of the gathering of family and friends for sports events, movies, or other events.

Tile and laminates provide the most low-maintenance flooring solution. With a quick wipe down, crumbs and spills disappear. If you prefer carpeting, look for the stain-resistant varieties that allow spills to be handled with no leftover damage. You can also pre-prepare by gathering the requirements for carpet cleaning – the right cleaner and plenty of small white work towels so that you can clean up any spills immediately. It’s important not to make a fuss, just clean up the situation and move on.

Think about snacks that minimize mess such as pretzels and cheese. Set up a snack buffet in your kitchen, where people can fill their plates to bring into the big-screen area of your home.

The final solution is rather dramatic but it works. Pick up a few beach towels or bath sheets in colors similar to your flooring. Then simply scatter them within the snack zone. Dropped chips and spilled crumbs stop being a worry. Once everyone leaves, gather the towels, shake them outside and throw them in the wash. In the meantime, your floor is ready for the next exciting incursion by the untidy crowd.

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