Smart Design: Window Coverings

The potential for every room is visible in the foundation. In this case, the light wood floor and matching two-inch wood blinds create the canvas for an appealing space.

Smart design connects to the basics of a room. The dark tapes outlining the blinds come to the foreground thanks to the dark padded headboard and the dark wood nightstand.

This room is a study in neutrals. Dark and light marry in the major room elements, and then the bedding and pillows bring in the mid-tones as well as some pattern. The simple choice of large dots for one set of bed pillows keep to the extremely contemporary theme. Then the second set of pillows with their old-style embroidered dragonfly fabric brings a soft touch to the room, keeping it from feeling too cold.

Although this room is crisp and modern, comfort has a strong role. The headboard is curved and padded, inviting the opportunity to lean back and read or watch television. The night table is just the right height for reaching from the bed, and has plenty of room for reading material and other bedside essentials such as a clock and phone. Add just a few flowers in a contemporary vase and the room is done.

With the foundation of the straightforward light wood floor and matching blinds, this canvas is ready for almost any look. A good start like this leads to a great room: a bedroom demonstrating comfort, style and taste.