A Feminine Bedroom

It’s tempting to think it takes a four-poster bed to create a canopy that helps make a bedroom inviting and feminine. In reality, you can take advantage of your ceiling to add the yards of sheer fabric and turn a basic bedroom into something special.

The room starts with pastels. A buttermilk yellow – almost a cream – sets the stage on the walls. White bed linens combine with a quiet floral on the pillows to keep the soft color theme. Peach and gold sneak in with the flowers and the upholstered stool to add interest without distracting from the overall softness of the room. The simple upholstered head on the bed adds a feeling of comfort and gentleness.

The rug is a gentle lavender color. This daring color difference works because the entire room stays primarily with the softer pastels, allowing the color to connect well with the space. Art on the walls is limited to three floral plates, a fitting addition to the room

Of course the moment of drama comes from the gracefully-draped canopy. This is simpler than it seems to execute. There are actually two drapery rods with finials attached to the ceiling at either end of the bed. The fabric – a simple white sheer – is thin enough to wrap and drape without getting bulky.

This is actually about 25-30 yards of fabric, but the cost for something like this in plain white is quite reasonable. Another option would be to pick up a number of drapery scarves. It would take at least six to achieve this look. In this situation, balance is critical. It may take time to experiment until the look is rich without being overdone.