Baby Soft

Where do children play? Where do infants crawl and toddlers learn to walk? Is your flooring soft enough – clean enough – for your little ones?

Children, grandchildren, the children of friends, nieces and nephews all love spending time on the floor. Make sure yours is ready.

Soft and smooth, inviting and plush, buy your carpeting or rugs with your hands as much as with your eyes. Touch, rub, run your fingers over the surface. Do you want little faces against that tweed, a little stomach moving along that carpet as it prepares for the giant leap to crawling?

Babies love lots of space and curling up in a corner. Babies want to walk as soon as they can. They’ll move from your hands to another’s and back to yours again. Did you choose a carpet cushion that will make their inevitable falls gentler, easier on their tiny behinds?

Little bare feet or wearing footie pajamas, running, laughing and sitting down on the floor to play, relax or read a book together like these two. Is your floor ready for them? Soft colors, room to play, and a carpet or rug that invites the children in your life to be comfortable, knowing that there’s always a place for them: a cookie, a favorite book, the squishy stuffed rabbit on the lowest bookshelf, and the oh-so-soft carpet for them to snuggle on and enjoy.