The Inside Look for Windows is Only Half the Job

Often when people choose window coverings, they forget half of the job. You need to consider not only how they look in the room but how they look from outside.

The choices are many, but the biggest problem comes from people who make different selections from room to room in the front, leading to a patchwork look from the street. Have you considered both sides of your windows in your window covering decisions?

With this home, the homeowners decided to install simple white shades on all the front windows. This is a quick and relatively inexpensive option, but it still leaves you with window covering requirements inside the home since plain blinds have an unfinished look.

Other choices can provide a finished appearance both inside and outside. Two-inch wide wood blinds come in a variety of colors and wood stains to meet your decorating needs while providing a finished appearance inside and out. They also work well for privacy and light control.

The upper window shows one challenge with shades or blinds. The arch in the middle is exposed and the blind draws a line under it. Customized shutters would address that problem. Just like the blinds, they can be painted to match moldings or stained to match wood flooring and trim. Their appearance both inside and out is attractive and appealing.

One final window challenge faces this house – the front door. The window surround is attractive but can limit privacy. The homeowners added reflective glass to minimize the ability to peer inside. Stained or other glass choices can provide privacy while still adding light to the entryway.

Have you thought about your windows from the outside looking in? If not, how about taking a step outside to see how your house looks from the street?