This photo has only three colors: brown, green, and a touch of blue. It’s the textures that bring this picture to life.

Take a look at the building itself – barely lighter than the ground in front of it but so intriguing with the old plaster peeling away to expose the stone underneath. Each of the two wood doors has its own personality. The roof with its varied tiles creates a rich contrast to the bark of the foreground trees – all brown but still so different.

Do you think of texture in your home? Combining rough with smooth, knobby with even, shiny with matte finishes adds interest as much as contrasting colors. No, you can’t have a roof like that in your living room, but look for a pillow in dupioni silk with its uneven threads and warm glossy tones that make any color or neutral more interesting. You may not have a tree in your home, but a turned-wood bowl provides a warm accessory.

Do you have carpeting on your floor? Add in smooth and shiny touches to contrast. With a wood floor, a variety of textiles add personality and interest. How about an old bronze bowl from an antique store filled with glass marbles contrasting color and texture?

The warm earth tones of this photo would work beautifully in a home, as long as you also add in the rich patina of texture shown here to make your room interesting and inviting.