Your Home Can Feel Light & Bright

Have you noticed that some homes feel light and bright while others feel dark even on the sunniest day? Some of that comes from the number and types of windows in a home, but your decorating choices also have a big influence.

This photo shows what you can do to create a sense of lightness and sunshine in your home. The predominance of white, the use of pastels and bright colors, and bringing in shiny surfaces make all the difference. Let’s see how you can translate this for your own home.

Start with your windows. Do you have window coverings that let in the light without the glare? Cellular shades with translucent segments work well for controlling the light depending upon where the sun hits your windows. Make sure to keep your blinds or shades completely open on lovely sunny days.

Stay with light colors for surfaces and accessories to make the sunshine move through the room. This table has a white surface and the four vases are a simple cream tone. The flowers are mostly pastel or white and the few colors are bright and cheerful. Yellow says sunshine so be sure to include some of that color in your plans.

Add in some shiny reflective elements. The shiny metal keys in the photo reflect the sun. Add in bright silver candlesticks or small decorative mirrors to multiply the impact of the sun in your home.

With a little thought, you can decorate to create a light and bright feeling in every room of your home, no matter what the weather outside!