Making a Successful Move: Part 2

In our last blog post (Making a successful move: Part 1) we talked about what you need to do before a move to avoid looking like this guy on moving day. Here are some suggestions to make it through the rest of your move.

During the move:

  • Use drop cloths or old rugs to protect your beautiful floors during the move. Carpeting can get dirty from the back and forth of moving boxes and wood floors can get scratched from heavy furniture.
  • Make sure that you can focus totally on the move. Have any children stay with friends or family, plan quick take-out for any meals. If possible, have one person stay at the old place and one at the new one to handle the transition from one to the other. Use your numbered box list to make sure every box makes it to the new place.

After the move:

  • Completely check every piece of furniture for any scratches or dings. Be sure to call attention to them with the moving company immediately.
  • Unpack only the critical boxes and set up the basics of your new home. Plan for take-out or dinner out the first night or two so you can focus on setting up the kitchen the way you want.
  • Sit back and enjoy your new home as you unpack!