Keep Things Simple in the Bedroom

Sometimes more is more and sometimes more is less. We like the “more is less” style of this bedroom.   A two color scheme, white and warm wood, keeps the focus furniture.

If you are going for a modern look, soften up the strong lines with texture while keeping the palette simple.  We like how the nubby coverlet and shag rug soften the overall feel of this room. Plain window curtains are another way to warm up the room without adding pattern or fuss.  While this all white room might be too plain, the soft textures of the rug and coverlet keep it from feeling stark.

Think about shape as well when you are keeping things simple.  The bed is the dominant shape for the room.  We like how the rectangular bed and square nightstand are balanced by the round rug. The round area rug breaks up all the straight lines.

While this room has a white floor, this look could easily be achieved with wood floors or carpet.  Think simple.  If you have dark floors, soften them with a lighter colored area rug.  If you have carpet, think of adding smooth textures or shiny surfaces—they’ll really stand out.

We also like the white bedside lamp but accessories are a great opportunity to layer color or add an accent color.  A glass lamp or a wood lamp would also be a nice choice for this room.  Both would add nice texture without disrupting the monochrome palette.

Your bedroom should be a tranquil, warm, stress free environment. Keep it clutter free and keep it simple for a relaxing space.