Home Office Design Considerations

With many professionals working from home full or part time, it is important to have a space which provides solitude and comfort. A home office, or room dedicated to strictly work is a must. Although unintentional, activities of others in the home can be distracting and negatively impact work performance.

When talking with your design professional, keep in mind a few key points of creating a home office space which is both comfortable, highly functional and promotes concentration.

  • Location is everything. If you are in the stages of building a home you can make sure your home office is built away from high traffic areas such as the kitchen and family room. The opposite side of the house from these areas would be ideal.
  • Light control is a must. If your office has large windows or gets lots of sunlight, consider installing shades or shutters with which you can control the amount of light coming in.
  • Color is important. Use wall colors which are pleasing to you and make you feel comfortable without promoting lethargy. For example, blue is a terrific color to use in the bedroom when you’re ready to rest and relax, but in the office it may have you wanting to take a nap. Red and oranges make you feel excited but may make it hard to concentrate, so choosing a color somewhere between these two extremes would be ideal.
  • Built-in shelving is a plus. Having tons of shelf space to place books, picture frames and decorative items gives a library feel to the home office. Stain shelves in the same wood color as your office furniture or match to the room’s trim.

Having a home office that suits your needs goes beyond just your work life, it will spill over into your home life as well. Once you’ve spent your work hours focused and productive, you’ll be able to walk out the door and immediately start enjoying the rest of your home and family.