Floral Prints for Summer

Floral prints are often thought of and used during the Spring and Summer seasons. There are many ways to use these type prints for your home decorating. Florals can almost always go in any space, no matter the style. Florals can be traditional, modern, transitional, contemporary and even masculine.

When decorating with floral prints, remember to keep scale and proportions in mind. Large prints can fill up a large space or make a smaller space feel comfortable and exciting. Large prints on accent pillows can make quite a statement! Small repetitive prints should be used in small amounts. Many times people make the mistake of over-using small prints. A small print on a long 90-inch sofa can be repetitive and awkward.

Botanicals can be used as gender neutral fabric choice. Flowering botanicals can be added to almost any space because these prints simply add a natural feel. Botanical prints can also be seen in the form of tropicals. Tropical fabrics, can also be gender neutral. Various floral type prints are available for all seasons and different climate types.

Have fun incorporating floral prints throughout your space. Florals are great for outdoor prints and anywhere where you wish to breathe some life within a space!

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