A Romantic Indoor Picnic

Do you want to plan something special for Valentine’s Day or any important anniversary or event? With the help of some of your area rugs, why don’t you create a romantic indoor picnic?

Start by walking through your house and choosing a cozy spot to position your picnic. You can choose a place in front of a fireplace, in the corner of your living room, in the center of a bay window, or anywhere with the space to handle your plans. It doesn’t matter what type of flooring you have, because you use area rugs to build your romantic spot.

You can just use one rug or as many as three. Pile them up at different angles to create the feeling of an inviting cushiony area. Add lots of pillows – pulled from sofas or chairs even to keep the space comfy. Then position a simple tablecloth in the middle to hold the food.

Fresh flowers and candles contribute to the mood. To keep your space fire-safe, consider using the new electric LED candles such as the votives in this photo. Pick favorite foods and think about finger foods to make serving and eating easy. For a final touch, break apart a flower and sprinkle the petals around the area.

Now, dim the lights and welcome your sweetie to an evening of romance!