Fulton Homes + Arizona Equals a Fabulous Life

If you, like so many other Canadians, dream of a second home in America there has never been a better time to make your move. With historically low prices on new homes, extremely low interest rates and the strong trading power of the Canadian dollar, you’ll be able to purchase a summer home or an investment property and have money left over to enjoy your new life.

According to the Boston Globe, Arizona home prices have fallen so greatly, the state is seeing a rise in the number of Canadians moving there. They are not only taking advantage of the extremely low housing cost, but the great many benefits that come with living in the Grand Canyon State.  Many Canadians prefer Arizona over states such as California and Florida due to the low cost of living and the rarity of natural disasters such as hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes and tornadoes. Other benefits are plentiful, take a look at just a few of them:

  • Bask in 320+ days of sunshine
  • Play golf year round
  • Enjoy outdoor sports year round including hiking, biking and climbing.
  • Explore incredible Sedona, the Grand Canyon and many historic sites such as Walnut Creek.
  • Catch a flight from Phoenix to 7 major Canadian cities.
  • Enjoy entertainment like plays, concerts, theater, art galleries and major sports events.

We have embraced our Canadian customers and even have a special section on our website just for you. Visit the Canadian Corner for more information on finding your perfect second home or investment property right here in sunny and fun Arizona.  Fulton Homes’ new communities are vibrant, clean and are built to stand the test of time.  Plus, all our communities have active and affordable HOAs designed to protect your investment.    Our new homes come with a full warranty and our professional customer care team is happy to work with you or your property manager.

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