Warm Rooms for Cold Nights

With its warm colors and soft fabrics, this room says toasty warm without even checking a thermometer.

Can you picture yourself in this room? Maybe you could cozy up in the leather sofa and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa before bed. The sofa and ottoman are warmed by the squishy fabric pillows and inviting knitted cream-colored throw.

This room is warm without feeling dark and closed in. Let’s examine why it works so well. Although the furniture is all dark and rich, the setting is light. Light neutral plush carpeting is just the right choice. A wood floor would be too dark for the furniture. The walls are also light and bright while still pulling in some warmth from the gold design. Several lamps added to the ambient lighting also contribute to the brightness of the room, particularly important during the winter evenings when it gets dark so quickly.

Having a four-poster bed reminds us of the days when beds were wrapped in curtains to keep out drafts. Although not necessary with our central heating, the posts still create an island of comfort and coziness in the room, helped by the lush quilt and pillows.

Does your home’s décor keep you toasty in cold weather? Could you add a throw or some pillows to add to a sense of warmth? What can you do to make your home a more comfortable escape from winter weather besides turning up the thermostat?