Vibrant Red Comes Home

Red continues to be one of the hot colors for interiors as we leave winter celebrations behind and look toward Valentine’s Day, though this much loved and much maligned color is not just for the holidays. Red in your living environment can be exciting and invigorating. For the daring of the world, walls can be steeped in a brilliant scarlet or floors can be covered in deep red carpet. But, those broad swaths of such a bold hue are not for everyone.

This more sedate, yet lively contemporary dining space uses red in contrast to the white and black elements of the room. The red leather chairs are a perfect balance to the six white side chairs, showing how beautifully small pops of color can work in a design.

Another bit of red in the center of the dining table is also a good addition which could also be achieved with a piece of art glass or two quirky red candelabras. The simple white hanging pendant light over the table is great in white, but an adventurous soul might choose deep red for the shade.

With such an expanse of white painted walls and ceiling, a large abstract painting or print with lots of red would also be stunning in this space, as would a contemporary mirror with glossy red frame.

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution to give one of the beautiful vibrant reds a try. Whether you use just a few small splashes or go for broke and paint an accent wall, red might turn out to be your 2011 color of the year. Could red your color for 2011?