Mix Woods and Colors for a Beautiful Room

Bedrooms provide a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of a mix of darker tones. Let’s take a look at this room scene and talk a little more about how mixing woods can create a beautiful room. A wood floor starts the room’s ambience, complemented by the other tones in the furniture. Because this floor has some contrast built in, the dresser and bed can connect to the floor through the floor’s darker elements.

On the other hand, the picture frame on the back wall and the chair in the foreground stand out because of their complete color and tone differentiation from the floor. This room demonstrates that a wood floor does not limit your furniture options.

The designer took some chances with paint color, and the end result was worth the risk. The mid-tone cool grey provides an effective contrast to the warmth of the wood, while the gold ceiling contributes to the rich feel of the space. Woods always look better against a background other than white. Colors and neutrals add energy to wood floors and furniture.

To keep the space from feeling one-note and dark, the light moldings, canopy and bedding brighten the room and give just the right amount of contrast. The end result is a classic bedroom that invites you to relax in luxury.