Just the Right Angle

Jumping visually from your sample choices to your final floor or kitchen or bath can be a real challenge. If you find it hard to visualize, the process is even more difficult. Here’s a quick tip that can make your decision process simpler.

For example, flooring is easier to visualize if your sample is actually on the floor. Once you narrow your choices, place the samples you are considering on the floor and stand right at the edge of each one in turn. How do you feel about the color, tone and texture of each now that you’re looking at from the installation distance and angle? Everything from the contrast inherent in a tile, wood or stone floor to a color or tone shift as the light hits carpet from the floor will help you make your final choice.

Take the same approach when it comes to kitchen and bath selections. This is a bit more complicated. Position every piece in as close to the final installation angle and distance as possible. (You may need several people to help with this!) Step back and see how they come together.

Visualizing is all about taking a few small pieces and imagining a complete room from them. This is always complex, but taking this simple step can give you a whole new angle on your space. We are here to help you through the entire process.