Using the Four Seasons to Inspire Your Decorating: Summer

Is it the middle of summer until you walk into your dark home? How about bringing the season inside? Any season can be used as an inspiration for your decorating, and summer provides a particularly vivid palette.

Let’s start with flooring. Tile, whether porcelain or ceramic, speaks of summer. From the cool feeling on your bare toes to the low maintenance approach to the wet feet of kids running in for a snack after splashing through sprinklers, tile is the flooring ideal for surviving summer. How about matching the family room tile with your tiled patio? Carrying the same tile through both areas creates a feeling of more space and makes that connection from inside to outside stronger.

For your couch and chairs, think of the advantages of white canvas slipcovers. They make any room feel like summer and are easily washed when you get a bit too much of the outside in your home. Cover them with bright cotton throw pillows in all sizes, and if they end up on the floor as much as on the furniture, it’s cotton and it washes, so just enjoy.

Summer is all about light, so consider some light-controlling shades at the windows. Open wide for the early morning brightness, and shade your rooms from hot afternoons.

Finally, bring the beach home with coastal accessories. Whether you collect them yourself on an ocean vacation or pick them up at an import store, a few coastal items creates a wonderful summer feel even in Arizona!

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