Stages of Construction: Stage 7

Today continues a series about the stages of construction. Our goal is to help you understand the stages of construction, learn about how we do things and what you can expect during each stage. In this series, we will cover 1 additional stage of construction. To see the previous stages of construction, click here.

In Stage 7, the final coat of stucco is applied to the home and readied for exterior painting, the fences are installed, the final grading is completed, the roof is finished and the exterior of the home is completed then painted. The mirror and shower doors are also installed at this time. Towards the end of this stage is the completion of flatwork and interior & exterior trims; this includes plumbing trims & fixtures, HVAC adjustments and electrical trims & fixtures.

Stucco is applied in two applications, a base coat, sometimes called a brown coat, and a finish or texture coat. The exterior paint is applied after the stucco system has cured.

Stucco is susceptible to cracking due to expansion and contraction. Cracks should be expected during the lifetime of the home due to fluctuating temperatures. This is normal and does not reduce the function of the stucco in any way. Your Limited Warranty does not cover normal hairline cracks in stucco. The white, powdery substance that sometimes accumulates on stucco surfaces is called efflorescence. This is a natural phenomenon and cannot be prevented. Consult your home center or hardware store for commercial products to remove efflorescence.

The plumbing trim includes the water heater, tubs, toilets, shower valves, sinks, faucets and garbage disposal. Installation of these items is scheduled after the tile and countertops are installed. Electrical, HVAC, and low voltage trims can begin as soon as the interior paint is done. All finish trims are completed prior to installation of hardwood or carpet.

Drywall touch-up is scheduled to take place after all finish trims are complete. Drywall damage of some sort is inevitable throughout the course of construction.

Fence footers are installed and the masonry fence block is installed. Please be advised that fence heights will vary depending on your lot and neighboring lot elevation changes.

At the exterior of the home, the final grade will be cut once all of the flatwork is complete, scaffolding is removed, masonry fences installed and the home-site are free of debris.

We hope this helps you understand more about the different stages of construction!