Successful Mornings Lead to Successful Days

How we start each day leads to how the rest of the day is going to go. There are a few things you should be doing to start your day out right. These tips work for everyone, especially stay at home moms, working women or women who work from home.

Wake up early. Allowing yourself plenty of time for your morning routine will ease stress and ensure your day starts out a success. Enjoy your morning coffee with ample time to read the newspaper and have breakfast. If you are not a coffee drinker; start your day out by drinking water or a healthy herbal tea. Green tea is a good way to start your day and give you a little caffeine kick! Having breakfast is essential to having energy throughout the day. Keep your cabinet stocked with easy to make breakfast meals. Easy breakfast include: cereal, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs and fruit. One common trait that billionaires have in common is that they wake up really early in the morning!

Exercise and stretch. If you can get up before the kids and squeeze in a quick exercise routine, you will have more energy and stamina for the day ahead. If you do not have time to exercise then do a few quick stretches. Not sure what stretches to do? Search your online and you’ll find lots of options! If your schedule allows for exercise in the afternoon, that can help lead to a better night’s rest which can contribute to a great morning the following morning!

Shower and get dressed. This is essential even if you are a stay at home parent or if you work from home. Pick out your daily outfit that is appropriate for the day, do your hair and your makeup. Being put together makes you feel more organized and leads to a more productive day. Just rolling out of bed after hitting the snooze and getting ready as fast as possible starts the day out by rushing; which leads to stress.

Not only children thrive from daily routines, adults do too. Take the time to figure out what routine works best for you and your schedule!