Should I Match My Curtains with My Decor?

Should you match your curtains to your decor? This is a question that homeowners often encounter when planning for the perfect design scheme. However, when you consider how expensive it is to invest in quality window treatments, it can cause a bit of stress. Ultimately, your window dressings help make the overall design of a space, so you want to choose drapes that harmonize with the color and style of the room. As simple as it sounds, matching your window dressing to your decor is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips to help you pick out the right drapes:

Matching the Walls

An option is to select curtains that are similar to your wall colors. If your decor utilizes a variety of hues, matching your window dressing to the wall makes the arrangement less visually intrusive, especially if you do not want your design elements to compete with each other.

If you love your wall colors, purchasing drapery featuring a similar hue is your safe bet. You can select drapes that are slightly lighter or darker for a subtle effect. On the other hand, if you decide to change the room’s wall color in the future, you will probably have to switch out your drapes.

Stick to Neutral Palettes

When shopping for drapes that will match your decor, try to stick to draperies that embrace neutral palettes, look for solid colors or prints with solid hues. It can be the safest approach, especially when it comes to purchasing ready-made pieces. The downside to this approach is that it may come across as bland.

Create a Contrast

Another way you can match your curtains to your decor is to create a contrast. Use a brighter color or pattern for a bold contrast. This makes a big visual statement, and it is great for smaller spaces because the drapes can serve as the focal point.

Monochromatic Scheme

You can match your curtains to your decor through a monochromatic design scheme. Your carpet, furniture, and curtains do not have to match exactly. They just have to blend well together. You can use a variety of colors used in your decor for your draperies to create a look that harmonizes everything together.

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