How to Create Your Home Theater

A home theater is a way of bringing the theatrical experience and premium sound to your own home. This is great for any movie buff or individuals looking to host entertainment. Home theaters offer the convenience of a movie theater in your own home. However, there is more effort that goes into this than just buying a big-screen television. Movie theaters offer premium surround sound and quality comfort. If you have a room you are looking to convert, here are the essentials you are going to need:

Television or Projector

Your initial thought may be to purchase a big-screen television. While televisions can offer many benefits, including smart televisions and crystal-clear picture, you may also want to consider a projector. Quality projectors can provide clear, high-quality images in the size you choose to display them. You can purchase a motorized projector screen or even just paint a wall white and create a fixed frame around the image. First, you will want to consider if you want a 16:9 screen for HDTV and movies or if 2:35. One is more preferred to allow you to watch CinemaScope movies while eliminating the bottom and top black bars.

Speakers, Connection Path, & Media Source

A traditional style for home speaker’s surround-sound is a 5:1 method. This contains five speakers and one subwoofer. The five speakers will be right front, center, left front, right rear, and left rear. You will need some sort of connection path to allow your speakers to communicate with your projector. Some of these can work via Bluetooth or may need to be hardwired. If you are going to need to hardwire your surround sound, make sure you think out the wire path and find the best way to hide exposed wires for a neat finished look.

You will also want to hook up a media source. How do you plan on watching videos? Consider multi-platform options. While Bluetooth is great, you will have to own every movie you want to watch. Options like X-Box or Playstation can create your theater into a smart theater by offering gaming, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, movie streaming, and more.


The last element to add to your home theater is seating. Any entertainment room only goes as far as the comfort you can provide. You may want to have gaming chairs closer to the screen, whereas movie seating can be further back in the room. Consider how big your space is and what is the best form of seating. Individual recliners are excellent options but may not be optimal for your space. Study the room and tailor the seating to how it will work with your layout.

Creating a home theater is an excellent home addition. You will use this room for many events when hosting guests and enjoy it for your own personal use. Adding the right form of seating, screening, and audio will all play critical roles in how your room feels. Make sure you have a good understanding of how everything will come together prior to investing in the space. For more tips and tricks on home improvement plans, make sure to subscribe!