What Are the Dirtiest Areas of Your Home?

The truth is, no matter how often you clean your home; there is bound to be dirt in every corner and sometimes even in unexpected spots. In fact, according to the Society for General Microbiology, germs and bacteria can divide every twenty minutes in the right environment and climate. A study conducted by the group revealed that there were over 300 different types of bacteria that were found on just thirty diverse objects. That being said, you may be interested in what are the dirtiest areas of your home. Today, we are going to take a look at them and how you can keep them clean. Let’s get started!


Many studies have found that the kitchen is the dirtiest area of the home. Areas, where the food is prepared or stored, can have more bacteria and fecal matter contamination than the bathroom. You will even find that the dish sponge or cloth is heavily contaminated. Other items in the kitchen that are susceptible to contamination include: 

  • The coffee maker 
  • Kitchen countertops 
  • Refrigerator 

Cleaning Routine: You can try and keep the kitchen germ-free, especially when you are gearing up to prepare a meal. You can do so by using disinfectant wipes on all the surfaces in the kitchen, including the countertops, faucet, and refrigerator. Additionally, before washing your dishes with the sponge or washcloth, you can place it in the microwave to kill off the bacteria. You can even soak it in a warm, bleach water and throw it in the washing machine. Remember to switch out dish towels at least once a week.

Door Handles and Switches

You cannot forget about the doorknobs and switches since these are the least obvious place for germs in the house. While you would think the bathroom knob would be the dirtiest of them all, it is actually spots on the door that are much higher. Some areas that ranked high with bacteria is :

  • Refrigerator handle
  • Stove knobs
  • Microwave handles

Cleaning Routine: Try cleaning these spots with a disinfectant spray every day.


Did you know that leaving your laundry in the washing machine for a little bit of time can cause germs to fester?

Cleaning Routine: It is important to remove your clothing articles from the washing machine once they are done and place them in the dryer or hang them to dry.

Were you surprised by any of the listed items? Is there anything that you make sure to clean that you think we missed? If so, be sure to leave us a message in the comment section.