Why You Cannot Go Wrong with Cotton Furniture

Textures like velvet and linen may be trendy, but you can never go wrong with plain, old-fashioned cotton. This is especially so when it is time to pick out furniture. If you are planning to purchase a new sofa or to reupholster an old one, you might be tempted to embrace popular textures like velvet or linen. However, if you are looking for something durable, easy to maintain, and worth your money, you might want to look towards cotton.  

Cotton Is Not a Boring Choice

Cotton does not have to be bland. Depending on the fabric, it can be pretty formal or modern chic. Cotton fabrics can take on many different patterns and looks based on the way it is woven. For instance, casual slipcovers are typically canvas-woven, whereas damask or velvet weave is reserved for more formal or elegant pieces.  

Choosing High Quality and Durable Cotton Furniture 

If you are searching for furniture that can last for several years to come, cotton is your best bet. For high-quality cotton, you will need to invest in cotton that is produced from long staples. Premium cotton produced from long staples provides a fabric that can feel just as smooth and luxurious as silk. Fabrics that use shorter fibers are less durable. You can typically tell the difference between long and short fiber pieces. When shopping for the perfect cotton furnishing, you will want to know if it was produced from long or short cotton fiber.  

The weave also determines durability. Muslin or percale woven cotton is thin and less durable than other cotton forms. You will find that heavier cotton fabric with densely woven threads are much more durable and lasts longer.  

Why Should You Choose Cotton Furniture? 

Cotton furniture will always be an excellent choice for upholstery. It is super breathable and does not trap in moisture or heat-this makes it comfortable to sit and rest on in Arizona. Also, cotton has good abrasion resistance, which means you can expect it to be long-lasting. If it is important to have a material that can be easily cleaned or that is washable, cotton is no doubt your best bet.  

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