Warm Weather Home Transitions

As the Arizona temperatures outside begin to rise, it is important to transition your home for warmer weather. A lot of our homes are still filled with items that resemble cooler months. We have a list prepared for homeowners to transition into the warmer weather months. Let’s take a look!

Your Bed

You may have accumulated heavier blankets and bedding for the cooler months. Now that the weather is warming up, you will want to remove heavy winter-type bedding and try to leave more breathable sheets and bedding on your bed. Store your heavy bedding in a convenient, easy-to-find place for when the weather begins to get cool. For now, you can stick to just your sheets and a comforter/duvet on your bed.

Your Decor

Spring and summertime decor tend to be filled with uplighting, bright colors. Store your winter decorations and bring out your cheerful, bright colored decor to display! From pineapples to palm trees, you can play around with trendy summertime themed designs for your home. Try incorporating some summery pillows, figurines, candles, and pictures in your home.

Your Products

Winter and summer definitely have different scents in the fragrance world. Be sure to swap out your winter scents for fruity scents this summer.

Your Windows

Let the sun shine in this summer by removing bulky, heavy curtains and replacing them with lightweight, breezy curtains. Make sure to take the time to clean off your windows and windowsills from any dust and debris that may have accumulated over the cooler Arizona months.

Your Plants

Who does not love greenery? Adding potted plants can bring life and brighten up a space. Try incorporating some fresh flowers whenever your budget allows for a fresh smell and look.

Your Closets

Bring your summer clothing to the front of the closet and your winter clothing to the back of the closet. Store bulky winter items in boxes and stash them away for the season.

This is one of the best seasonal transitions to prepare for because you know it will be filled with sunshine, friends, and flowers. What is your favorite thing to do over the summertime? We would love to hear in the comment section.