New to Arizona? Here Is What You Need to Know!

The Grand Canyon State is the hottest state in the United States. It offers a beautiful, desert landscape with some of the bluest skies in America. However, this state is full of unique features that locals have gotten used to over the years. While the state has seen a dramatic increase in population in the last fifteen years, it is definitely the hot spot (no pun intended) for travelers and families alike. Here are some of the unique Arizonan features that you will want to understand before you settle into your new home:


Arizona has an early sunrise as well as an early sunset. Typically, the sun can rise around 5:00 AM, which will allow many individuals to get an early start on their mornings. Likewise, the sunset is earlier than other, more northern states. You can expect the sun to set around 7:30 PM in the longest days of the year.


The sunrise and sunset can also affect the peak heat coming into the afternoon. Arizona has little cloud coverage, and the desert will get cooler at night; however, do not expect chilly evenings during the summer. During the summer, the nights can stay in the 90s. Expect extreme heat and a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day. If you are easily burnt, you will want to put on sunscreen daily and avoid spending long periods of time outside during the afternoon. Additionally, you will notice that playgrounds get busy after the sun has set because it allows the kids to play freely without the worry of heat exhaustion from the sun. If you plan summer activities outdoors, you may want to wait until the sun has set to enjoy the beautiful weather without the intense heat. Also, remember to encourage your little ones to stay hydrated.


Traffic into downtown can be very dense. Consider leaving your home early whenever traveling into the city. However, you will notice that traffic lightens up significantly during the summer. Many individuals are considered “snowbirds” and only live in Arizona during the winter months. When summer hits, they fly back to other states where they may reside – this will help traffic move much smoother during summer months. If you move to the Valley during the summer, anticipate thicker traffic to arrive towards the end of autumn.

Air Quality

Remember that Arizona is a desert oasis. Dust storms may occur and can often affect the air quality in the Valley. To avoid getting sick or the Valley Fever, pay attention to the air quality in your city. While this may not bother you, some individuals can be susceptible to reduced air quality. Simple apps on your phone or the news will help give you insight on the air quality in your area and help you stay healthy.

Arizona is a melting pot of culture, opportunity, and beautiful. There is so much this state has to offer. With all the beauty, it can be easy to ignore some minor inconveniences and unique quirks this state offers. However, being aware of them can help keep you safe and smart at all times.

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