Garage Cleaning Checklist

Garages can quickly become the collecting ground of mayhem and messes. Many people like to postpone house projects and put issues for another date in the garage or basement. However, this eventually leads to a daunting project that we have long been dreading. The best way to embark on this journey is to create a straightforward checklist. Stay focus and take some time out of your weekend because we are going to clean out that garage!

Strategize and Inspect

First, start by assessing the garage. Determine a realistic time frame in which you can accomplish the project. Decide if you need more storage or bins to organize the space. Somethings get put into the garage and not their correct homes. Decide what is staying and what can be put into a storage unit.

Deep Clean

Pull everything out from your garage. Sort them into organized piles:

  • Donate
  • Storage Unit
  • Keep
  • Dispose

You may need to look at the relevance of certain belongings. If it is summer, you may not need to keep your winter items in the garage, so organize it accordingly. Also, when your garage is empty, take advantage of a broom, and wash the flooring. You may want to invest in a degreaser to remove stains from the floor and treat oil. Wipe down your windows and counter space during this time as well. Having your garage fully accessible to be cleaned is a rare opportunity. Make sure to utilize it fully and clean every nook and cranny.


Set up a monthly maintenance calendar to avoid the mess. Keeping up and maintaining your garage’s cleanliness is the easiest way to prevent a big project. During each month, pull your cars out and broom out your garage. You can mop it afterward to help keep it clean.

Cleaning your garage can be a daunting task you may avoid, but it needs to be done. It is valuable square footage to the blueprint of your property, so try to stop using it to pack away projects for a later time because having a clean garage is rewarding.