What Is the Difference Between an Armchair and Accent Chair?

Both armchairs and accent chairs play a significant role in the design of your living room; however, many people struggle with determining between the two. While an accent chair can serve as an armchair, they both have distinct differences. Armchairs are always made with arms, and depending on the manufacturer, an accent chair can be produced with or without them. If you are curious about learning more, we dug deeper into the key differences between these two commonly used chairs.

Armchair vs. Accent Chair

Simply put, an armchair is simply a chair with arms. Armchairs can be purchased with a traditional living room set so it can match the loveseat and sofa. It can also be purchased separately, and contrast that harmony while complementing the existing furniture. On the other hand, accent chairs are more than just functional pieces of furniture. The purpose of an accent chair is to add a focal point in your living space by drawing out a particular hue in the room or contrast in a bland space. Therefore, an accent chair does not have to create an exact match in the living room. When shopping for an accent chair, you can select from different colors, patterns, and styles. If a decorative chair has arms, it can function as an accent chair or armchair. On the contrary, pieces without any arms are accent furniture.

How to Choose an Armchair?

When shopping for an armchair in a traditional, formal living room, you can opt for a piece that exactly matches your sofa and loveseat. You can also consider coordinating with a pattern that is being used within the space such as the accent pillows on the couch or the curtains. With a rainbow of colors available to you, you will want to give careful thought to what color chair you are interested in purchasing. If possible, obtain a sample fabric just to see how it will look in the room.

How to Choose an Accent Chair?

Accent chairs can be used to add extra seating to the living room, dining room table, and in other areas of the house. Depending on where you place the accent chair, be sure to choose the right size, shape, and height for the space. You want to be an accent to the room while blending seamlessly into the overall design.

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