Tips for Spotting Quality Wood Furniture Pieces

Let’s be honest; no home is complete without some type of wood accent sprinkled throughout the house. Yet, finding high-quality wood furniture can seem nearly impossible. Often, you will find a piece of wooden furniture that looks great in the store only to discover that it is flimsy and built poorly. To avoid wasting your hard earned money, check out these tips for spotting poorly constructed wood furniture:

Is It Made from Solid Wood?

When shopping for wood furniture, you will want to check to see if it was constructed from solid wood. Solid wood is also referred to as hardwood or softwood. Generally, furnishings made from this type of wood material are constructed from single board pieces that are glued together since trees are not as naturally wide. Be sure to ask the associate if the entire piece is formed from solid wood or just specific parts of it. Common hardwoods you will find in stores is oak, walnut, cherry, and ash.

Is Plywood Furniture Worth the Investment?

Plywood is considered engineered hardwood that is formed with thin layers of solid wood on top of each other. A layer of stained and wood finish is applied in the final stage; this is also known as a veneer. What makes plywood an attractive option is that it can hold up in all kinds of climate. Also, it will cost you a fraction of a genuine solid wood piece. So, what are some of the drawbacks of investing in plywood furniture? The quality of plywood depends on the quality of the veneer used. A poor quality veneer often reveals a low-quality wood beneath the finish. Once it becomes damaged, the repair process can be complicated since the wood species, and the veneer is of different materials.

What is MDF?

Furniture labeled MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard is derived from a combination of wood waste products and resin. MDF furnishing can be finished with a real wood layer or a non-wood laminate. MDF furniture is less expensive than plywood and solid wood pieces. Although it is budget-friendly, and it can be easily damaged and repairing it is very difficult.

When shopping for wood furniture, do your research. Take a close look at all of the products and compare their characteristics. Sometimes the quality of a piece will drive up the cost, but buying furniture is an investment.