Tips for Tackling Your Daily Household Chores

With the high demands everyday life, household chores can become quite a daunting task. We dedicate all our time to work, family, friends, events, and even our physical health that it can seem overwhelming to set aside time for chores. Unfortunately, the longer you procrastinate your daily housework, the more encumbering the task becomes. To help, we put together five general rules that you should establish in your own space to prevent your chores from piling up on you. Developing these tricks in your daily life can help keep your home looking clean and well-kept. Let’s take a look!


The one-touch-method is a great trick to start using in your own space. It is a general rule of thumb that declares, when you return home, you can only touch your belongings one time. For example, do not just come into your home place your mail and your coats in a temporary spot that you will “get to later.” Everything must be sorted and placed away at time of arrival in your home. It will help ensure a cleaner space and prevent clutter from accumulating.

Empty Countertops

If you struggle with clutter or chores building up in your home, you should try to keep your countertops always clear of everything. Do not allow anything on your countertops. Everything should have a designated place in a drawer or cabinet. It makes it very easy to identify items on your counter space. This minimalist approach may take a couple of extra seconds to put away coffee makers or blenders, but it prevents chores from accumulating throughout the week.

Everything Belongs Somewhere

This brings us to our next great trick: everything in your home should have a designated place of residency. Your cleaning supplies, your books, your tools, even your shoes should all have a place they are continually stored. This will make it easier to find your belongings and take care of chores as they come throughout the day. When you are done with an item, return it to its assigned location.

Laundry and Dishes

Here are two chores that will never go away: laundry and dishes. With dishes, try to clean as you cook. Do not allow downtime in the kitchen while food is boiling or in the oven. It can be an easy way to help prevent the buildup in the sink. When you are done eating, account for cleanup time as well. You can also wash your clothes every night or establish a laundry day for later in the week.

Try to tackle a few of your chores every day to prevent them from accumulating. Tasks can quickly become overwhelming, but with a little time management, they can become less daunting. Remember to establish days in your week to work on more significant projects in your chore list. For more great tips, make sure to subscribe!