Tips and Tricks for Decluttering Your House

Certain areas in your home can quickly become cluttered and never seem to look organized. While this can hurt any room’s visual aesthetics and make rooms feel uninviting, by creating a weekly declutter program, you can spend once a week keeping areas in your home in check. Plus, it can be as simple as a task to throw on top of your current chores. To help, we made an easy checklist to make sure vulnerable areas in your home stay mess free this spring.


Your entryway is your home’s first impression. Unhung coats, messy shoe areas, and keys can wreak havoc on these areas. Try to find time at least once a week to organize this area. Everything should have an assigned spot. You can also spend this time shaking out your welcome mat and dusting/mopping the area if it gets dirty from constant traffic.


If you buy your food weekly, it is essential to keep the refrigerator and freezer clean and throw away any old foods. These can not only add to the clutter but can begin to make the fridge smell bad. When you buy new foods, make sure you are eating the oldest foods first. Scheduling your weekly fridge clean out on the same day you go grocery shopping can help you stay organized when you get your food.


Another important area in the home is your trash and recycling. These areas can begin to smell bad as well if not kept in weekly maintenance. If you throw away foods early in the week, consider wrapping them to prevent the spoiling items from making the whole house smell. Your trash should be scheduled for weekly disposal to keep your home from becoming messy.


Laundry is another area in the home that can be a daunting task but can quickly clutter an area. Make sure you schedule weekly or biweekly times to do your laundry. You should organize your empty hangers throughout the week to make it more convenient when hanging your clothes.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables can easily become the main focal point of living rooms and dens. Make sure you do not clutter them with mail and magazines. These areas should be cleaned weekly, if not daily. Always take your coffee cups and wash them after use. Consider the time it can take if you allow this area to get out of hand. Staying on top of this area’s maintenance is imperative to a functional design.

Experts believe that it can help to write down the days you plan on keeping these areas decluttered. Put them in your calendar until they become an automatic habit.