Tips for Developing a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Do the dishes seem to be piling up lately? Or maybe you have neglected dusting the past couple of weeks. While it is essential to keep a clean house, with a hectic schedule, it can be a challenge to clean your entire home adequately. Well, we have got you covered. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your house gets thoroughly cleaned:

Schedule It

It is just that simple. Perhaps, the most reliable way to ensure that you clean your home is to put it on your calendar and stick to it. Making a home cleaning schedule for your entire house is important because it makes you feel less stressed and more likely to carry out the assignment. Pencil in an area of the home that you plan on attacking during the week. The key to making sure this method is successful is to create a realistic cleaning schedule. So if you know that you have to work an extra shift on Tuesday, it would not be wise to schedule a hefty cleaning project for that night.

Take Inventory

The only way you can create a realistic cleaning schedule is to take inventory of what exactly needs your attention in your home. Do the closets need to be decluttered? Or maybe you need to dust and clear off the bookshelf. Grab a pen and paper, and walk around your home to determine what needs cleaning.

List The Rooms

What rooms require regular cleaning? Areas of the home like the kitchen, bathroom, and your bedroom probably need frequent cleaning when compared to other rooms in the house. These rooms are used more often. Leave the other areas in the house that you do not occupy as frequently such as the guest bedroom or maybe a formal living room off of your cleaning schedule.  You can implement them in seasonally or when you are expecting to have guests.

Trial Run

Take your cleaning schedule for a trial run by trying your best to stick to it for a month straight.  Limit the time you spend cleaning each area so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

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