Hosting The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Bash

Celebrating New Years at your own home can be a convenient, fun, and safe way to party into the New Years.  With 2019 quickly approaching and the holidays amongst us, it can be challenging to find time to prepare for a New Year’s bash.  To help you throw the ultimate bash, we put together a simple checklist to follow. Let’s take a look!


People want to have plans and will start making them very soon.  Make sure you invite everyone you want at your New Year’s party before they schedule other engagements.  Decide how big or how small you want your get together to be.  Also, make sure that the space you designated to hold the party is large enough to host as many people as you invited.  You do not want it to feel overwhelming and crowded during the party. 

Food and Beverages

You will want to decide the food and beverages beforehand.  Will you suggest BYOB or will you be providing them?  You probably will want everyone to have a drink to toast into the New Year.  On that note, if you are hosting the party, be prepared to gather everyone’s attention as the New Year countdown begins.  You should have snacks and beverages to last throughout the evening. 

Driving Arrangements

If you supply alcohol, you should consider how your guest will be returning home.  Will you be accommodating for them to spend the night?  As simple as this may sound, going above and beyond and looking out for your guest wellbeing is part of being a good host.  You do not want the evening to end bad, so make sure you find ways for all your guest to get home before the party begins!

Preparing for your New Years is key to hosting a good party.  Consider decorating for your party as well.  A well-thought-out gathering can go a long way.  Make sure to get some fun streamers and 2019 decor.  New Years is a celebration!  Remember to treat it as such.  

Do you have any fun New Year plans?  Let us know in the comments below and remember to stay safe this New Years!